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First Bridges for Science Night in Mexico City!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Laura Reyna hosted the first Bridges for Science Night in Mexico City on the 5th of October 2019.

Starting on the right foot

With the idea of connecting experts, academic, and policymakers to foster the exchange of knowledge and experiences, our co-founder Laura Reyna gathered a group of experts in a relaxed and informal environmental to discuss how reliable scientific advice is a critical component to addressing Latin America's most pressing socioeconomic challenges.

The event started with a special presentation from Dr. Marga Gual Soler, an expert in science diplomacy who shared her understanding about the importance of scientific partnerships and evidence-based initiatives to navigate global transformations and break down barriers between peoples and nations.

Creating a culture of dialogue and mutual understanding

Participants had then the opportunity to discuss in different groups how science and policy could be more effectively connected to help understand and solve different issues in their areas of work. As a dynamic and enjoyable experience, the first Bridges for Science Night generated important ideas about the structure ...

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