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A Conversation with Emilio Iodice, Professor of Leadership at Loyola University Chicago

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

When it comes to leadership practice and serving for the public good, Professor Iodice has over three decades of experience to share. Bridges for Science could not be happier to host an informal conversation with him for the exchange of knowledge.

Leadership in times of uncertainty

What are the characteristics of a good leader and how can individuals apply their leadership skills in times of critical global transformations? With these questions in mind, Bridges for Science had a conversation on May 25th with Professor Emilio Iodice, a former US Diplomat, senior executive in the public and private sectors, and best-selling author in the field of leadership.

While it is difficult to define leadership, Professor Iodice shared some very interesting ideas about the attributes of good leaders throughout time, and how they managed to navigate different political, economic and social upheavals. These set of attitudes and skills, according to Professor Iodice, are useful in our world today as they were many generations ago. Swift action, empathy, and the capacity to deal with fear of the unknown continue to be powerful drivers of positive change.

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